Basketball Team: Definition, Composition and More

Much is said about basketball being a team sport, but do you know what a basketball team is?

Don’t worry, today in BaloncestoPro it’s the basketball team’s turn, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about what a basketball team is, how it’s made up, how many players there are for each team, income and more so stay with me until the end of this post.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

What is a basketball team?

The definition of a basketball team is that it is a group of people and/or players who come together to compete against other similar groups, either in a league, national competition or a street game, whose purpose is to achieve a common goal.

How is a basketball team made up?

There are several people or components that make up a team in basketball, some may even vary depending on each league or country where the team is formed; however, they are all based on the same characteristics.

I will explain it in depth in an organized and detailed manner to facilitate the information.

The teams are formed as follows:


Players that make up a basketball team

It wouldn’t be a team without its players, would it? Players are a fundamental part of a basketball team, since they are the ones in charge of carrying out the actions on the court.

Now you may be wondering how many players a basketball team has, well in short I can tell you that usually a team is composed of 10 to 12 players, which complement the roster of a team.

Now, you already know how many players make up a basketball team, but I want to explain how these players are classified or divided within the team:

  • Starters and/or active players on the court: These are the 5 players who start the game on the court, then as the game progresses these players will be substituted by teammates. There should not be more than 5 players on the court for each team, or they will be penalized.
  • Substitutes: These are the 5 or 7 remaining players of the team who are left on the bench waiting for their moment to enter the game and participate as decided by the coach.
  • Reserves: These are usually seen mostly in leagues and professional competitions such as the NBA or the Olympics. They are usually 3 players who accompany the team but are not included in the roster for the games, they will be called in case a teammate can not participate in the game and take his place in the roster.

I must also comment that one of the players will be designated as the team captain, this gives him the power to address the referees and technical table (respectfully) to request some information and / or raise a dissatisfaction for any action occurred within the game in timeouts.

I invite you to also read our post on basketball positions.

Technical Staff

Basketball coach giving instructions to one of his basketball team players

The role of the coaching staff is none other than to train, protect and direct the team’s players in order to obtain the best possible performance in the games and thus try to achieve better results.

The team’s technical staff is made up of the following:

  • Technical Director, Head Coach or Coach: He is in charge of directing the players in the areas of the game, decides the starters, changes in the game, plays to be performed, individual and collective training. Examples of very good coaches are Mike Krzyzewski (coachK), Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson.
  • Assistant coaches: They are the head coach’s assistants, they also analyze and give their opinion on improvements in the game, they are the coach’s right hand. They are substitute coaches and can direct in case the DT cannot be present at the game.
  • Statistical assistant: They are in charge of recording, analyzing and controlling all statistical data to provide this information to the team in order to improve.

Medical Staff

Medical staff within a basketball team

They are the medical staff that accompanies the team with the objective of preserving players in optimal health and treating injuries that may occur in or out of the game.

They usually consist of the following:

  • Medical, Physician or doctor: They are in charge of making diagnoses as soon as possible in any injury situation in order to start recovery treatment. They are also responsible for medical check-ups to the players.
  • Physiotherapist: They are in charge of helping the players with treatments and therapies in case of any injury.
  • Physical trainer: Their function is to improve the player’s performance, usually through nutrition, with well-designed diets, exercise routines appropriate to the requirements of the team or player. They also help them with the mental part, thus improving the player’s confidence.

As you can see, everyone has their role and importance within the game and the team, they complement each other to achieve the best possible performance in every game they face. These fundamentals also apply to women’s basketball and wheelchair basketball.

How much can a basketball team earn?

Well here several factors come into play and giving an exact figure would be complicated, since a basketball team can obtain income in several ways, these can be from ticket sales, sales of team sports accessories, sports brand sponsorship, etc.

However, there are some figures that can give us an indication of what professional teams could earn, for example we have these figures of the New York Knicks this year offered by Forbes, where we can see an income of $472 million in total, of which $157 million are only for ticket sales.

It is estimated that the standard earnings figure for an NBA franchise is around $60 million dollars.

How much could a basketball team cost?

Continuing with the monetary theme regarding a basketball team, we will now look at another aspect, which is the cost of a team or sports franchise. The value will depend on several factors such as the income obtained by the team, the cost of the payroll, etc.

Again we will take as a reference NBA teams, these teams have a value of $1900 million dollars averaged on a comprehensive basis, but there are teams on their own that exceed this figure.

How much does a basketball team cost?

For example, the New York Knicks, which are valued at $3.3 billion dollars, behind them are the Angeles Lakers with an estimated value of $3.0 billion dollars and the cross-town rivals, the Angeles Clippers, are valued at $2.0 billion dollars.

What is the most famous basketball team in the world?

I think that in order to give an answer to this question the most correct answer would be based on which team has won the most championships in the world over the years, the answer would be none other than the Boston Celtics who have won the NBA title on 17 occasions.

We could also mention the Los Angeles Lakers who have the same amount of titles won, although this year the Boston Celtics could go up again in the amount of rings won, as they are strong contenders for the title this year.

How to join a basketball team?

If you are as much of a basketball fan as I am, I am sure that what you have read so far has motivated you to join a basketball team, so what you have to do is find out which basketball schools or academies are near you and contact them to find out the admission requirements.

You can help yourself with our great friend Google to search for this information, as they say they know everything, you can use directories or classified pages as well.


Well, we have reached the end of another great post, this time about everything related to a basketball team, its definition, how it is constituted, the number of players that make it up, and even the income and costs it can have.

If you want more detailed information about a specific league team, I invite you to visit our basketball leagues section, where we have detailed posts for each team.

Esteban Gomes
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