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3×3 Basketball Rules: Everything you need to know

3x3 basketball rules

Discover the exciting variant of traditional basketball with 3×3 Basketball Rules! Also known as streetball or 3-on-3, this game is played on one half of the court with teams of only 3 players per side. The speed and compactness of this format make it irresistible to players and fans alike. Imagine making quick decisions, handling …

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3×3 Basketball: Complete updated guide

3x3 Basketball

3×3 basketball, often referred to as streetball or urban basketball, is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. This dynamic and fast-paced variant of traditional basketball is played 3-on-3 in half court. With its official rules that differ from the rules of traditional basketball and tournaments regulated by FIBA, 3×3 basketball has quickly become …

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7 Exercises to improve the defensive dribble in basketball

Exercises to improve the defensive dribble in basketball

Are you tired of being beaten by your opponent’s moves on the basketball court? Don’t you know about Exercises to improve the defensive dribble? Do you want to improve your defensive skills and become a better ball handler? Look no further, in this article you will find a list of the best drills to protect …

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How to become a better basketball player

How to become a better basketball player

Have you ever wondered how to become a better basketball player and excel on the court? Are you frustrated that, despite your best efforts, you are not advancing to the level you desire? You are not alone in this situation; many basketball players face these challenges and look for ways to overcome them to reach …

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